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Join the Community bringing the STEAM in AIᵀᴹ Movement 4 Youth & celebrating Ethics 1stᵀᴹ Champions!

Why Join DataEthics4All?

Come Join a Community of World Leaders at the Intersection of Technology, Data, Ethics, Policy & Social Impact.

Together we're building a stronger, more Equitable Society, rich in Culture, Race and Ethnicity with Tech having it's rightful place and used for Social Good.

There’s nothing easy about data ethics in an age where virtually everything we do leaves a data trail. But in order for Businesses to retain the trust of their customers, they need to do it right by their data.

The Mission of The DataEthics4All Initiative

  1. Educate Consumers on their Data Rights.

  2. Come to a common understanding of what is considered right from wrong.

  3. Raise awareness on the Dangers of using Data Science without Ethical Considerations.

  4. Understand the long term Advantages of Ethical Business Considerations in earning Customer’s Trust and Loyalty.

  5. Create and Use Responsible and Inclusive Tech.

  6. Support Ethical Data Decision Making.

  7. Provide a Data Ethics Framework for Organizations to adopt and implement a Data Ethics First Methodology.

  8. Bring Philosophical change by encouraging dialogue in the Legislation.

  9. Build a Community of Global Data Advocates that demand Change.

  10. Apply data in an ethical way to reduce Racial and Cultural divide in society, especially in Tech.

  11. Be a Catalyst in building a more Equitable, Inclusive, Culture Rich and Just Society.

  12. Build Racial & Cultural Equity through Tech.

  13. Encourage Social Change.

Our Value

Data ethics conversations are highly context-dependent.

DataEthics4All is changing the narrative on responsible data use by raising awareness within the data science community and re-building trust between both consumers and those in the ecosystem.

Meet Multi diverse Global Leaders from the World's 1st Advisory Council for Responsible Development of Data Ethics in the Community

From Top Left to Right:

  1. Marie Wallace - Data Strategist at IBM
  2. Chris Jacquet - VP and Chief Information Security Officer at Hitachi Vantara
  3. Shilpi Agarwal - Founder and Chief Data Ethics Officer at DataEthics4All
  4. Michael Kaushansky - President of Helia and Chief Data Officer at Havas
  5. Kathleen Fetters - Head of Digital Intelligence and Analytics at First Republic Bank
  6. Keyur Desai - Chief Data Officer at TD Ameritrade
  7. Priyanshu Raj - Corporate Vice President at New York Life Insurance Company
  8. Howie Xu - Vice President of AI/ ML at Zscaler
  9. Diwakar Goel - Vice President and Global Chief Data Officer at GE
  10. Joe O'Murchadha - Data Protection Officer at Lidl US

The DataEthics4All 12 Ethical Pillar Framework

The core 12 pillars within the DataEthics4All Framework laid out by the World's 1st Advisory Council for the responsible development of data ethics highlight some of the most substantial issues we could be tackling today.

The framework is designed to help translate the theoretical principles of data science ethics into a practical application that can be used as Guiding Principles for any Organization who wants to become a Data Ethics First Organization.

Pillar #1: Preserving Data Privacy

Pillar #2: Fair Data Processing

Pillar #3: Preventing Data Misuse

Pillar #4: Clear Data Ownership

Pillar #5: Explicit Data Consent

Pillar #6: Data Power and Control

Pillar #7: Data Transparency and Trust

Pillar #8: Data Quality Auditing

Pillar #9: Interdisciplinary Algorithmic Auditing

Pillar #10: Combating Deliberate Disinformation

Pillar #11: Preventing Ad Technology Weaponization

Pillar #12: Data Ethics Evolution in Times of Crisis

Our Value

Join DataEthics4All Community and go beyond Data Compliance. Learn about Data Privacy, Compliance, and Governance and how to leverage Data Ethics into a significant competitive advantage. 

Learn how to create an Ethical Brand that Customers love, why Ethics Pays, and how you can help scale the impact of Social Good along with significant Growth for your Company.

Topics we talk in this Community are:

Why we built DataEthics4All and What can this Community do for You?

We created the DataEthics4All Community to bring together World Leaders at the Intersection of Technology, Data, Ethics, Policy & Social Impact.

A few things you’ll see quickly that make DataEthics4All different:

  1. The DataEthics4All Community offers a great platform to network with the World Leaders at the Intersection of Technology, Data, Ethics, Policy & Social Impact.

  2. The DataEthics4All Community goes beyond Data Compliance and leverages Data Ethics into a significant competitive advantage.

  3. We talk about Data Privacy, Data Compliance, Data Governance, Data Ethics, and Ethical Leadership.

  4. We're enabling education & learning opportunities on data privacy, data ethics & ethical leadership for Adults and Teens through blended classrooms supportive relationships and mentoring.

  5. Through our Thought Leadership Events and Resources, we're closing the Data Ethics Professional Skill Gap.

  6. We're educating Young Adults as early as Middle and High School on the risks and considerations of Data Privacy and Data Ethics.

  7. We learn together Why Ethics Pays and how we can help scale the impact of Social Good.

  8. We're building a Community of Global Data Advocates that Demand Change.

  9. Through Responsible Conversations, we're Building the next Generation of Ethical, Responsible and Inclusive Tech.

  10. We're building an Ecosystem that fosters a more Equitable, Inclusive, Culture Rich and Just Society.

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